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Originally Posted by v0rtex
im not a fan of this 'heats to be run in clockwise and anticlockwise directions'.. why would you do that?

You need to maintain consistancy on the day, all races need to be run in the one direction. Anyone who is half serious about thier racing will develop a setup for a track as the day goes along, to change the racing direction in the middle of a race day is not a very good idea and will only make people not want to come back to the track and race.
well at the end of the day it depends on what the majority of racers want, but when i raced dirt karts we raced in both directions EVERY meeting for various reasons.

1) makes you a better driver and is more challenging
2) some ppl prefer one direction, some will prefer the other. this suits everyone.
3) makes you have a more balanced setup instead of a set up to turn one direction only.

To suggest doing so means we arent serious about racing is way out in left field..Are you suggesting that many types of motorsport including AIDKA (Aust. independant dirt kart assoc) and its 20+ clubs arent serious about their racing just because ALL dirt karting tracks run heats in both directions?
IMHO, ppl who are serious have learnt how to turn left and right and would be happy to run in either direction.
i dont know why you want to limit yourself to only one direction for the entire season, but thats the sort of thing the racing majority will decide on at the start of a meet.
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