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Default Wanted: Serpent 950R servo levers (servo horns)

Hey everyone, just looking for a little help here with two of the smallest parts on my Serpent 950R. I bought my kit used with just a couple of tanks of fuel having been run through it. It is essentially a brand new car. I'm now getting my radio gear installed and I've just discovered that the 24 and 25 tooth servo levers/arms/horns (whichever you wish to call them) are not included in my kit. I guess the guy I bought the car from decided to leave them on his servos when he removed his radio gear or something like that. I have the two 23 tooth arms, but I need the 24 and 25 tooth arms to get my JR and Futaba servos in there. On my parts list they are part numbers 901159, 901160, 902124 and 902125 for each individual arm or 1612 (25 tooth) and 1613 (24 tooth) for the arms in pairs (the throttle and steering servo arms are slightly different). The arms I'm looking for are the actual arms that mount to the servos, not any other part of the linkage. Anyone have a spare or two lying around that they don't need? I'd greatly appreciate any help with this and I'll pay for these two (or four) little suckers if I have to. I can probably get these things new, but I figured I'd try the forums here first. Please let me know if you have any lying around and we'll try to get hooked up here. You can contact me in here, I'll be checking frequently to see if I've got any luck with this. If you think you have what I need we'll determine what you have before hand over the phone or whatever to make sure it's the correct ones I need. I'd really appreciate the help and thank you all in advance.
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