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Well, I finally got a chance to put my own 2.3 on the new ozite for the first time this year. You all have kept me so busy, I have not had time to run myself. Trust me, I wont let you get away with this I put my 2.3 together with parts from my 2.2 and made sure that it was all aligned. Bolted in a 10 single with last years pinion still attached. Strapped in some of the latest IB3800's from SMC and checked the LRP esc for "happy". Set the end points and down the stairs to the track I went. I had Parma tires from last season, but I recall the I liked purple fronts better then magentas. I was out of purples and had plenty of magentas, so I got ready for some steering while I chipped the rust off of my 12th scale lines. Yep, the car had steering! But it didn't get upset. It just turned. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the speed and the insane cornering and then... my cell phone rang. Without making any adjustments, I ran the rest of the pack out.... which really took a long time even with the phone break. It was plenty fast, probably over geared. For something that I just tossed together, it ran within 2 tenths of the mod foam touring cars that were dialed in! I look forward to pushing these new cells in a timed run. The car could turn inside out if I let it and yet it was still screwed to the ground, but I will get the right tires on it and try again. There are two ways to set up the MS2.3; you can either run with softer front tires and take the side springs out or run with a harder front tires and use the side springs. The only way to see which is faster is to put it on the clock. All the new products and race surface should provide great racing. Stay tuned, I will have the results here.

I am pilling up chassis blanks getting ready for the cut phase. The drill phase, and then the ship 'em to you phase.

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