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Originally Posted by Slapmaster6000
The car takes it's fare share of punches. We have driven them into corner marshals feet, many other cars and off of the exterior walls. With the foam bumper up front, it has provided me more durability then any other car. But I would not recommend it if you race on a board track or tracks with rigid hard fixed points to drive around for corners. The arm is part of the chassis, therefore it's not replaceable. I also do not recommend the car to less then intermediate drivers or drivers that have never driven 12th scale. There are many other cars that will make up a better choice then my car. I leave this decision up to every customer.

As far as a source for Hyperdrive, they are very hobby shop oriented. Your LHS should be able to get their parts, but unfortately, they do not seem to sell direct. Hyperdrive parts were selected because of the way they fit what I wanted and because the quality is very good.

I better stick with the stock L4 chassis for now then. Thanx for the info!
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