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Originally Posted by CypressMidWest
The Champs has a long standing rule in place that states "NO CAPPED TIRES or coatings of any type" It doesn't have a special clause for foam capped foams, just NO CAPS. If we wanna use that long standing rule then there was never any question that they aren't legal.

You coulda all just shown up and been told on the spot
First off, then do it. Re-enstate the rule about no caps. Quoating ROAR rules is insane as Mr. Bill has made it clear in the past that this race has nothing todo with ROAR. Look at how often new batteris and bodies are approved for Cleveland even if they have only been out for a couple of weeks. Why is Mr. Bill no all of a sudden going on ROAR rules?

Secondly, I remember when TC practiced at 3mmm of ride height and then for qualifing it changed to 5.5mm. So the rules always do change and that year no one knew till they showed up at tech.
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