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Default Slapmaster Tools MS2.3

Hey all!
After nearly a month of mold work, the MS2.3 is ready to emerge on the local carpet tracks. The 2.2 was nearly tossed to create the 2.3. I went back to the prints to reacquire the dimensions that I originally sought after. It looks very similar to the 2.2, but it has been refined. The new 2.3 has steering stops that will pevent the insides of the wheel from cracking. The chassis has been tweeked so that it can take a 1.80 diameter tire. There has been some other cosmetic work done to help eliminate some stress points. The main features remain: the rounded edges to reduce chassis roll drag, the goose neck signature of the front end that produces that wicked fast cornering, the long battery slots to shift weight for and aft to fine tune steering balance, the minimal amount of fasteners to build the car and the undeniable most unique feature... molded carbon fiber! The front vertical uprights still have 3 holes to choose the amount of camber gain to suit traction conditions. The caster range was changed to 1,3, and 5 degrees. The front body mount angle in conjunction with the foam bumper, proved to be an outstanding advantage over conventional body posts. Effectively, no body post tears showed up in even the lightest of lightweight bodies.

If you already own a MS2.2, you will be able to purchase the 2.3 chassis to be up to date. At this point, I will move forward with this thread, even though the 2.2 thread had some very good set up info on it. If you need more info, you can get a hold of me at [email protected], I seem to be pretty bad at "pm's".

The price remains at $175 for this conversion kit. I do take Paypal. I do have dealer pricing if you have a shop. These cars are still made by hand, one at a time. I take pride in each one that leaves my shop.

Brian Bodine; Slapmaster Tools
[email protected]
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