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It comes with the same pivot blocks as the Pro 4, 2.5deg for the front and 3deg for the rear.

After finishing the build about 30 minutes before setting off for racing last night I was well up for a good time. It started off very responsive and a had a little too much front end grip for my liking. A couple of setup changes (laid rear shocks down 1 hole and took sway bar off) and the car was great. At a place where I normally get slaughtered by people who race at my local club with me, I managed to beat them and get TQ in stock. I was VERY impressed with the handling of the car, and I also had a couple of knocks and everything seems sturdy still It also turned a few heads in the pits which was nice too

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to me with the shocks however. When I was building them oil was bleeding out of the top of the shock where to ball joint is, and after completion the ball joint would spin quite freely in the shock top. This means that you have to hold the shock top to move the collars when the shocks are on the car. I can't understand why this might be as they're pretty much the same as the Pro 4 shocks and I never had any problems with those...

Also, for those guys racing the Cyclone, watch out for the ball joints coming loose on the steering arm for the servo saver, mine did and I'm sure I thread locked them in too
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