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Originally Posted by vic0280
sorry guys, 273 pages is too much trying to read through, thinking of getting back into on-road and jrxs is the car i am lookin at. most guys are running fk05 here and i want something different. does the ib3800's fit in the car no problem? i am assuming i need the aftermarket battery tray?
what else do i need for the car?

i am going to be solely on carpet, with foams, stock mostly and some 19t.

where do most of you guys get the aftermarket stuff: p-dub bumper? prs spur gear adapter? bk bracket(what is that) LHS isnt caught up on the car and aftermarket yet.

do i have to grind down the chassis for diff's to clear?

any help is greatly appreciated, i am trying to read through this, but will take a year to try and get caught up with all these pages..
Battery tray is not aftermarket, Losi produces it.

I'm not so sure you need the brackets if you plan to run foam on carpet. Was mainly developed for asphalt setup with rubber. Some do use them on the rear with foam on carpet.

P-dub has a thread here and you can just go to his site. Spur gear adapter is not necessary, but I have it on one of my cars only because I bought it used with it on. Stock spurs work fine in my opinion.
The 38's fit fine as long as you get the aluminum battery tray that Losi makes. No need to modify the chassis for battery fit. You need to file a little near the diffs so you don't rub the chassis when you run them in the low position.

If you really want the bk brackets search for Pookyt on this forum and hit him up for a set. I personally am just going to wait for the new A arms with position molded in them. I actually have a set of rears now thanks to Hodge. Was an emergency I ran into in LV at IIC. Beyond those few things it is good to go out of the box.
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