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Wow, this is the first time I've seen someone experience the same exact issue with their TX module.

I own an EX10 w/ spektrum. I guess this first gen modules have this problem...

My issue was with the antennae on the module. If you keep moving the antennae around, it will disconnect from the board. Open the module, and you'll see the antennae line connect directly to the board. In my case, if I move the antennae around, at some point it will disconnect from the board. My fix, was to open up the TX module, put the antennae back on the board, close the module up, and place some electrical tape around the black plastic antennae to prevent it from moving around a lot. Ever since I did this, I haven't experienced the glitching problem, and man, was I having some serious problems.

What would happen to me, is if I was more than 30 ft away from my MTX3 prospec, I would lose frequency!!!! IN ADDITION TO THE GLITCHING PROBLEMS I was experiencing as well. It frustrated the heck outta me, that I was going to sell the whole radio, as I thought it was the radio's problem, not the spektrum system.

Open up the module and make sure the antennae is still connected on the module's board. If it is, then your glitching problems is probably receiver related, not module related. Good luck.

To the previous poster...are there any other links that show TX module problems? I'd like to read up on those...
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