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I find the middle one-way only effective when you have a spool or diff in the front, as you'll have the benefits of the freewheeling when off-power, and the on-power benefits of the diff and spool, such as better turning and better out-of-corner acceleration respectively.

Having the middle and front one-way is pretty well the same as having front one-way and a locked middle, other than the free movement of the front belt and pulley, which for some may see as another bit of drag to eliminate when off-power, and others won't care.

Yes, you do have brakes, although any more than just a touch will spin your car around, or if you have something like a monster stock motor, simply the drag provided by the strength of the magnets can cause it.

I myself use the front and middle one-way, and when I get knocked wide in a turn, I may apply my brakes a bit to slide my tail as a last resort to get my car in the right direction. It's purely for emergencies, but it works.
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