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I don't know many people who use stick radios for RC Cars anymore, so I can't really point you in any direction there. I can however, show you a good pistol grip radio for $100. Check out the JR XR2i. It's a 2 channel AM radio that comes with a Z590M servo and an R125 receiver. You can get it at just about any hobbyshop or online for $99.

For $199 you can get the JR XS3. It's also a pistol grip, but it is a 3 channel synthesized FM radio. No need to buy crystals, since they're already built in. It comes with the Z590M servo, also, but comes with an R135 receiver.

Both have digital trims which help dial in every adjustment for your car. I know there are others, but I like JR stuff. Just a personal preference.
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