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Originally Posted by olev
That's somewhat a shame I wonder how we're going to achieve rollouts necessary for brushless on small carpet tracks Our track is ~18x18 meters (that'll be 60x60 ft for you on the other side of the pond), ~9 sec laps. So far I've tested my LRP system and it runs happily at around 10:1 gearing, that's 20/95 with 17t pulley...
I suppose I'll have to go for 17t pinion with the 20t pulley then, I hope it's going to be possible... lowered layshaft means also that bigger spurs will be out.
Its no problem Olev. The Mi2EC can hit ratios as low as 10:1 (16/89) with the 20T pulley. Thats lower than many other sedans on the market.
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