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Here are some additional details on the Mi2EC and why it is the way it is....

1. The chassis is 2mm because for Rubber tire Carpet and Asphalt racing 2mm is faster than 2.5mm. The top deck has been altered to tune the flex of the chassis for more traction. There will be a 2.5mm chassis and stiff top deck for Foam tire racing.

2. All new shocks! The will have and alloy top cap, bladder, hard anodized Teflon coated bodies, machined pistons, Titanium Nitride coated shock shafts and bottom loading seals and bushings.

3. New two belt drive layout. Due to the ever increasing power levels of Mod motors, new BL motors on the horizon and even better batteries we have gone to this more conventional drive layout. It is just as free as the standard Mi2 drive train but it can handle a lot more HP!

4. The new diff housings are lighter, better looking and use normal 10x15 mom flanged diff output bearings.

5. The new motor mount is more rooted to the lower chassis for more stability of the drive train.

6. The new lay shaft mounts are the same left to right. The 17T pulley option is gone. The lay shaft has been lowered for a lower CG.

7. The shock mounting positions and and camber link positions are all new on the shock towers.

8. New low offset rear hub carrier with vertical ball studs. The lower offset give us more steering and more corner speed.

9. Modified front hub carrier to fit the new narrow hex.

10. Stronger front and rear suspension arms.

11. Stronger caster blocks

12. Light alloy front spool included. Optional Diff and One way are available.

13. CNC machined Acetyl Lay shaft, rear diff and front spool pulleys included.

14. Spur gear adapter and RW spur gear included.

15. Black Hex screws throughout the kit with concave top deck washers.

16. New narrow allow hexes included for track adjustment. Narrowing the car increase traction on low grip surfaces

17. Alloy CVD drive shafts. Lighter is better!

18. New low friction black Ball Grippa's ball cups. These stay tighter longer for a more precise suspension system.

19. Carbon fiber front and rear suspension arms.

20. Tungsten balls and U1954 super thrust bearing included in the rear diff.

21. New narrow low friction belts.

22. Purple alloy suspension mounts.

23. Purple Titanium hinge pins and turnbuckles

24. Anti Roll bars

25. Purple alloy M3 and M4 nuts through out the kit.

You now have everything you need in one box to build a true Schumacher Team car!

K058 - Schumacher Mi2 European Champion Edition - $419.99
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