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Well, there's a couple things you could try.

The car is probably understeering because the front is providing more resistance to side forces than the rear is; meaning, to oversimplify, the front is too stiff (or the rear is too soft.)

Therefore, if the car is understeering/plowing, you need to "soften" the front or "stiffen" the rear. This could mean:[list=a][*]heavier weight oil in rear[*]lighter oil in the front[*]stiffer springs in rear (or more pre-load)[*]softer springs in front (or less pre-load)[*]"lay down" the shocks in the rear (making them more progressive/softer)[*]"stand up" the shocks in the front[/list=a]

Do only one of these things at a time - if you soften the rear and stiffen the front at the same time, you may overcompensate.

All of this assumes that your car is balanced well, both front to rear and side to side. If the car understeers going right but doesn't going left (or vice-versa), you probably should focus on balancing the car first.

Also - do your tires suck? That's where my biggest problem was. When I finally found the right combo (low-flex wheels with Losi Yellow Low Profile slicks) my car started to really hook up.

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