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Originally posted by senna
How will the shock oil effect handling (40wt, 60wt) ?
Everything affects handling in varying degrees. Shock oil is the main factor which controls how quickly your springs can compress and decompress. Heavier weights retard this process, lighter weights allow it to be quicker. With no shock oil, your springs would be, well, springy, and your car would bounce all over the place, losing traction constantly. Shock oil thereby controls how the springs react to uneven pavement, and fine-tuning this reaction is a key to controlling handling.

Having different weights at the front and back is an option that many racers use to counteract a car's tendency to oversteer (spin out) or understeer (plow) because it allows the car's weight transfer (the key to handling) to shift more evenly and equally.

Again, it's only part of the puzzle; there's no magic oil weight combo for the XXXs (or any other car) as the selection is wholly dependent on the rest of the car's setup (springs, linkage points, kickup, tires,) as well as differences in race surface and the driver's driving style.

Hope this helps!
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