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Originally Posted by rinkrat99
Hi all

I have a concern that my rear droop screws do not touch the chassis and therefore are useless. The car is setup for carpet with 56.5mm tires, ride height 5mm and the shock tower is in position 2 with the arm position Outside.

With this setup, I get maybe 1.5mm droop if lucky but nothing more cause the shocks are fully extended. I treid moving to position 1 and still the same. How can i get more rear droop if needed?

He he, bit late with this one.

I found that if you run a high roll centre, esp. at the front, you have to remove some material from the a-arm on the inside or the c-hub will hit the arm and you can't get enough ride height, let alone droop if you run real small foams (55-56mm). May be irrelevant here but might help someone
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