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Originally Posted by Aphinity
Looks great. Only other question I have is the intention behind the sign posted. Why do you plan to restrict people from using the track outside of the hours posted? Even if insurance dictates this, it doesn't look like it will be easy to enforce. A public track should be a public track, for use whenever you like. Just my humble opinion.

Oh, and on a technical issue...

How many drainage sumps are in the track? We had three, and even that wasn't enough in good ol' Vancouver weather.
The City of New Westminster has only allocated two days for us to run right now. The sign is just so that people know about the times.

In the future, we will be looking at fencing off the area around the track. This will definitely help to restrict use outside of the posted hours.

For now, it's on the honor system. However, we run the risk of losing our priveleges if people run outside of the alotted hours.
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