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Default Xray FK'05, BMI Chassis, Brushless

Xray FK'05

For any of the Surge crew that is looking for a new touring car for the fall/winter season, I highly recommend the Xray FK'05. Man can it take a pounding and it just doesn't want to break. I've raced it 8 race nights (probably 60-70 packs) so far and I've spent less than $20 on parts. The first 3 weeks of which I was fighting a huge glitch issue and I was pounding the boards every few laps. I'm talking HARD hits at 90 and 45 angles into boards held in place by cement paving stones. VERY HARD hits. Yet the car just wouldn't break. My TC3 and TC4 would have broken on most of those hits.

The only parts I've changed from what came in the box is a rubberneck racing front bumper (real life saver...or should I say parts saver), hard front c-hubs, and I got the alloy shock bodies (not really needed).

I'm no pro but this car is SOOO easy to get running well. I even reset the track record last night for 4300 brushless AND the overall record beating out the previous 19turn and 5800 brushless records. TQ'ed and got second in the main because I choked on the last lap when the number 2 car put the pressure on me

BMI FK'05 Chassis conversion

I also picked up the BMI Chassis conversion for it. That seemed to increase cornering speeds even more and make the car feel just that little bit more planted when I get too aggressive with the steering. Plus it has a nice carbon fiber battery strap and I hate taping. Tape just does NOT hold a 6 cell pack in place very well when you pound the boards like I do from time to time. The BMI chassis is a great upgrade. If your thinking of getting the 3.0mm chassis and the wide top deck, I'd suggest you just get the BMI chassis. You'll save money in the long run and get a more tunable chassis. Plus... Jason at BMI uses a higher quality graphite that is stiffer than the stock 2.5mm FK'05 chassis. So the 2.5mm BMI chassis is probably as stiff or stiffer than the 3.0mm Xray carpet chassis.


For those of you just trying to get proficient at driving. I highly recommend running brushless. The motor runs the same EVERY RUN and you don't have to buy all that motor tuning crap up front to be competative. Plus... since you are not wasting time mainting motors you can get a LOT more wheel time in to help improve your racing skills. Check with your track director. He may let you run a novak 4300 brushless with 19t as they are VERY close to being the same.
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