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Originally Posted by tornado
OK..........since someone in the forum is not welcomed in the Sneak thread I may as well start a thread for all RRR drivers to discuss all their related issues. Anyway I oso don't care is anyone would come here to "hijack" or not as I don't have control over them. Well at least someone here won't feel left out. I hand it over to you I mean Funnyman......oooppps soli Bundyman....whew got it right at last.
Tornado, just mind you own business. Who is not welcome in the 710 thread, anyone who can comprehend simple English will know. Want me to post up your "postings" in the Namlee hobby forum on how you were humiliated and have to ask the forum administrator to delete the postings? Hahahaha....or the Attention Deficit Disorder is acting up on you again and time for you to seek medication??

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