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Originally Posted by loopedeloop
So what doyou guys do about unresponsive marshalls??

We seem to have a problem where some of the younger marshalls tend to sit down or just gaze around in a dream looking everywhere but the track!

I find myself having to shout " MARSHALL!!!" to get their attention back to the racing
Nothing personal......but myself, if that happened on me, I will only tell myself..." WHY do I hit the board...?"
Marshall only their to help, they don't necessary need to respond quickly because you made a mistake...........I hit the board a lot, and at one time, my car was stuck at the corner for 30 second.........I can only blaim myself, why do I made that mistake...?
I think we can try to teach and improve the way we marshall.......but never yell and blaim them to not pull your car out of our own mistake fast enough...

Atsushi Hara marshall races after his race......if he missed our car at the corner and react 1 second too you think anyone of us will YELL at him and take him "WAKE UP"...?
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