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I would say yes the V-Spec is a very good 1/8 scale engine. It makes awesome power has tons of low end grunt. But do not plan on seeing more then 3 gallons of fuel. I have seen guys who are just meticulous about thier engines, always has a clean pre-filter, engine is never ran hot. Get 3 gallons out of thier V-Spec. I did see one get to either 4-5 gallons, it was not getting ran very hard. There has been I believe 6-7 of these engines at our track and all with the same demise. Dont get me wrong I love O.S. engines, they are excellent, but I think they hit a problem with the V-Spec. They are Powerhouse engines but short lived, you pay $300 for the V-Spec or $300-$400 for an Italian engine that will live at least twice as long if not longer then the O.S. Just my opinion
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