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I am missing something here. I think its the definition of "whacked", "hacked", bump and rubbed.

Isn't a "hack" intentional (requiring some skill), rough or unsportsmanlike driving.

Being "rubbed up against, and bumped" is a natural part of racing and it happens. Two people going for the same realestate....

Isn't a "whack" the result of a "hack", or the natural part of racing called a "wreck". Your car gets sideways as a result of a "hack", rub or bump, brushing the wall or corner dot. The guys behind you is left with no choice except to hit you!

So two guys going head to head down the back stretch, we know neither is going to lift (rarely). Is the resulting bump, rub, bobble part of racing or is it a "hack".

It appears to me that the "touch" of racing is defined by the reciever or he who complains the loudest.

About the participants for "A" Mains, reminds me of those "Real Car" races, where they run two or more classes at the same time. Been so long since I watched them, I forgot what classes. CAN-AMS? I dunno, but there are "real fast cars" pitted against door bangers". Slower (drivers) cars start in the back. 24 Hours of Daytona, is one of these races.

And the point is?

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