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Hi guys. Greetings from Malta.


We have a couple of tracks in Malta. each belongs to a seperate club. Our track belongs to a club called IRMCC of which I am president, and which runs electric exclusively. The other tyrack, which is even larger belongs to the RMCA and they run IC exclusively, so it works well.

Regarding tyres. Yes the Sorex does grip more than the Take off, as MO said, and it is cheaper. But as the best all rounder I still find nothing better than a Pit Schimitzu D30 - but not with it's own insert. Try a moulded insert that is soft and fills the tyre.

Actually you may find it's own insert OK in some applications, for example when we raced at West London in England, the Pits with it's own insert was by far the best bet.

I suppose it depends on your track surface.


Joe from sunny Malta.
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