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Originally Posted by Aries326
I hate to bring this old thread up but it has relevence to my question. I just recently purchased a used Integy 16x4 Pro. The guy I bought it from told me that I use the alligator clips to charge up the batteries. My question is, what is the tamiya connector for in the rear? Is that also for charging up batteries or is it for connecting the charger to a DC powersource if needed?

Another question, when the charger is done charging a NIMH pack in Mode 2, does it stop charging altogether or go into a trickle charge? I read somewhere that it's not good to trickle charge a NIMH pack. Thanks...

What's the best way to use my matched GP3300 packs with this charger? Thanks?
The connectors in the rear is to hook the charger up to a 12 volt battery source..... The charger should have come with the cables for this....
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