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Originally Posted by Barry Baker
Just got back from the mall that the track is at.....WOW what a nice place!

for all you coffee buffs...there is a starbucks that overlooks the track on the second floor of this 4 story can see the track from all 4 is right in the middle in the atrium...

cant wait to run tomorrow....the track looks fun...good sized striaght and good technical corners...should make for some fun racing...

the mall has all kinds of store(man they do have alot of watch stores though)even a KFC and Mickey d's...gotta love that....oh...did I mention the pizza

ok gotta work on my car now but I will keep checking in here for any to yall soon,

Barry, 2 things you need to try.......

(1) McDonald's coffee, believe it or not, it taste even better then Starbucks across the Mcdonald.......I refused to believed that untill my wife tried it at that specific McDonald (because Starbucks was not open yet), somehow, they taste better....

(2) Pizza Hut, you won't find a Pizza Hut in USA that serve that many different type of Spagetti just like Olive Garden here in USA.....I think they serve more Spagetti then the pizza @ Pizza Hut in HK.

Also, they have free internet access computer on each floor @ the mall, like 4 computers on each entrance/escalator of the mall, you can do the report right after the heat....I did use those computer to check the Rctech forum when i was there 5 months ago.

Good luck tomorrow and the rest of the friend from HK just told me MASAMI was spotted racing Mini-Z at Mongkok MMS track yesterday (he ended up racing with him the whole time), the place was packed and I think he stay there for like couple should do the same......
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