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Apparently rc-mushroom are still waiting on shipment for STS engines (I emailed them and received reply under 3hrs). I also asked about replies to emails and was told:
If you can, can you reply to him that we do answer ALL emails. Unless the following situtation:
-our email server problem, just like happend to us last week. but this is very very rare happen on us. Talking about 2 times in 1.5years
-customers emails box is full
-customer spam email blocker (most case)
-customer email auto reply saying something like this in order to send email to this person we need to register first.
if customer doesn't see our email reply in 1-2 business day. Give us a call, we can answer your question right away. Hong Kong +852 23102568. When you decided to call us, please have someone who can speak English. It is very funny to talk to a person speaking in France while we are speaking English.
I've not had to call them but if I do I will call HK using the internet phone, will only cost me $0.03au per min ($0.0232 USD/min). Cheaper then a local call if I talk less then 10mins!

Originally Posted by Hesky
I've been trying to get hold of a D5R modified motor but having little luck. rc-mushroom dont have any in stock and dont seem to be replying to my emails
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