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Originally Posted by kewdawg
Yeah... I was thinking that the clutch spring was too tight. Usually, If the engine is too rich, the car won't change gears. Does the reving sound like a "runaway nitro car" (high pitch, screeching) or an engine gargling under water? If, its a high pitched reving, then your clutch is too tight. If, it's gargling, then the needle seetings are too rich. Try the "pinch test" on the fuel line going into the carb. Run the engine for a minute then pinch the fuel line near the carb inlet. The engine should stop within 3 to 5 seconds for a good low end needle setting (stops too early - too lean / stops too late - too rich). The high end needle setting should have the engine reving high with a clean sharp increase in tone / note without hesitation or sounding like its struggling (a good running temp is usually between 220 and 280 degrees - depending on the engine).
Jeff / Kewdawg...

Seems like you guys have hit the nail on the head....looks like have to check the spring and also lean/richen the low end bit by bit. The top end is tuned i am sure of that, just the low end or middle...

any link websites on this would help.....
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