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Talking XRay Springs, all the info needed

For those of you wanting to know everything about the new springs but do not have access to the MyTSN VIP Room:

New Spring set #308390 XRAY Selected Ultimate Racing Springs (24)
Ultimate high-performance racing springs, which provide precision tuning for your XRAY model racing car! Developed from extensive testing and racing experience, these racing springs were designed and precision-crafted to have a unique spring characteristic. The XRAY spring sets were designed to give you an optimum range of choices to fine tune your car. Each spring set contains four identically-matched springs, and are designed to work with the new XRAY shock absorbers. All four springs in a set are the same length, and all springs are color-coded for easy identification.

#308393 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.4 (14 LB) Yellow - Super-Soft (4)
#308394 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.5 (17.5 LB) White - Soft (4)
#308395 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.6 (22.5 LB) Blue - Soft-Medium (4)
#308396 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.7 (28 LB) Violet - Medium (4)
#308397 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.8 (33 LB) Purple - Medium-Hard (4)
#308393 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.9 (38 LB) Red - Hard 4)

Additional springs for fine tuning:
#308384 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.5 (15 LB) Blue-Green (4)
#308385 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.6 (20 LB) Light-Blue (4)
#308386 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.7 (25 LB) Dark-Blue (4)
#308387 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.8 (30 LB) Light-Purple (4)
#308388 XRAY Spring-Set D=1.9 (35 LB) Light-Red (4)
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