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Originally posted by stormperson
I am currently running a little conserivativly (sp, lol). I have been runnning tc3's for a little while now, so i might be slightly tight, but it didnt seem to affect how easily the drivetrain rotated when i tried to spin it, which wasnt that much, which leads me up to a question:

-how free are the draintrains when everything is broken in? my tc3 (with foam tires trued almost down to the rim) was able to spin for at least 5 seconds, and will rubber tires it was more like 15-20. i cant even get one rotation with foam tires, and albeit i have only run a pack or two.... but i noticed that the topshaft was kinda tight, but the entire rest of the drivetrain was very smooth, has anyone else noticed this?

-also is there any accurate way of measing the degree of the front sway bar? since its taking me a few tried to make sure both sides are even. and i would like a accurate way to measure how much angle i am actually running.

The layshaft should spin very free in the bulkheads. The problem you are having is the bearing in the plasctic cup on the left side of the car (opposite the spur) is not seated all the way in the plastic cup. Take the left bulkhead off and check that bearing. It should fit all the way down in the cup. I had to get a nut driver and carefully persuade (tap) it in all the way.

After one week of racing on mine the wheels would spin about 5 revolutions before stopping. It was very free.

eric a
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