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Nice report Shookie! Thanks! Congratulations on your B-Main win!!

There is one thing about the LCG that is questioning me, the upper deck isnt screwed onto the steering post since they re so low and this must have a Huge effect on Flex so do you think it means that the car was only designed for asphalt and no good for carpet?

I only race on asphalt anyway but do you think to much flex, or badly positioned flex could be harmful on the cars handling on a High bite asphalt track?

I m sure Yokomo didnt just "throw" out such a design on the market without any testing but it would be interesting to hear from guys who race on carpet (maybe not so popular in Japan)

This is the FIRST double deck TC that is designed like this, without the good old steering belcranks that stiffen up the whole chassis (they play a crucial role on the Pro4, in tweak)

Anyway I m sure this car performs very well, just interested to hear some more comments on it

BTW, Shookie after shimming your diffs did you get the drivetrain to spin free for ages? 10 secs is the Minimum to show of !

See ya!
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