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Originally Posted by Matt Howard
So now you're blaming the asphalt? I don't think that one is in your excuse database yet, good one It's not myfault, it's not yourfault, it's the ASPHALT!
For as much spray that is on the track, it should have better traction in mod, but I'm not so sure it is the surface, as much as it is the layout. IMHO, that with a mod you can't get enough traction because the track just doesn't flow very well with hotter winds. Running older tires just makes it worse, ask John Scott. I know that it sounds strange, but you can see that there is not a lot of difference between the mod times and 19T times. I would bet if you took out the straight in the current layout, 19T would be faster. I say change the layout and the track will be better.
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