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Originally Posted by John Fontaine
Yeah - its a pain. Someone needs to invent a automated RC tire gluing jig. I have the idea in my head... hmmm...that could be fun to design It's going to include rotating parts, glue spitting everywhere and numatics to hold the tire while the glue dries.
Actually, there are some tire gluing jigs out there(though not nearly as automated as what you're thinking about), in fact I use one myself(made by HobbyTech). It just places a ring around the tire that can be tightened down, & as it tightens, the tire's bead is pulled away just a bit(just enough to get a drop of CA in there, which will flow around in there due to the capillary effect). I just apply about 5 or 6 drops around the tire & let it flow around, then quickly loosen & remove the ring, & then put a final outlet layer of glue where the bead meets the rim(as a seal, basically). And my tires hold together VERY well, hardly EVER come unglued in a race.....
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