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Some notes from that last round...

In Heat 1, Marc checked out early and Matt and Satoshi had an epic battle for second, Matt continually closed the door on Satoshi and managed to hold him off lap after lap. Toni and David both broke or retired early.

In Heat 2, Cyrul hit the kink at full bore early on and the ensuining barrel roll tore his car apart. Joel also retired early, not sure what happened. Other than that, decently uneventful.

Heat 3 was one of the more energic races I've ever witnessed, with huge crashes and lead changes. Tosolini got into Easton early on and they dropped to the end, but Tosolini was challenging Masami for the lead when his car suddenly lost power. Many other crashes, and Lemieux was challenging as well when his car dumped with a couple to go.

Heat 4 featured an insane battle between David Jun and Andrew Moore that finally ended when Moore hit a dot in the S section and rolled over.
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