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Originally Posted by Leester-111
hey guys!

I am having trouble gettting my confirmation email to RC I have resent it about 5 times, but nothing. Please Heeellllllllppppp!

From page 9-

got this in my email today...

Dear members,

I have been having quite a few people telling me that they are not receiving their confirmation email from RC Live that contains their activation key. At the current time, I am working on correcting this problem. Apparently, some emails are going through fine, such as to Yahoo and GMail accounts, while others are not. Until this problem is fixed however, we want to make sure that everyone has access to RC Live. For this reason, I have created a generic temporary activation key that you may use to activate your accout.

This key is: 1234567890

To activate your account, simply go to the following URL:

Once you are there, enter your email address and the generic key above, and you will be ready to use RC Live!

Thank you for your patience in regards to this matter.

Brandon Rohde
Administrator - RC Live
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