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Default Race Results 19June2021

Our core crew of touring car drivers raced hard on Saturday! It was a perfect day at the track.

A couple of things looking forward to next weekend's Summer Sizzler:

1. It looks like it's going to be HOT!

2. Mod tires are shipped, so we are good to go for Saturday.

3. The trophies are looking good.

4. The track is driving wonderfully--consistent all day with minimal temp-related variations in grip. Actually, very little variation in grip, period. Just a nice, natural, unsealed asphalt "abrasive" grip. We say abrasive, but I think it's more like "mechanical." It's not hard on tires and prep is straightforward with none of the local voodoo you get with sealed tracks. In Mod, one set for the day with no drama.

5. I may as well let it out now. Our layout will be the Triple Witch run counterclock. Same as we ran yesterday. I wasn't confident to run it, as we've never actually raced that layout in that direction, but it drove wonderfully. I was concerned to not overplay the local advantage, but our visitors will have all day Friday to practice. It's technical, probably our hardest layout. It features our signature 4-point center chicane in the most exciting way without subjecting racers to unnecessary risk. It's a clinch, but in a good way. It has a straight into a carousel that tests the racers' abilities to carry speed without pushing wide. It's a good place to attack. In the upper left is another good attacking apex. Even for Mod, it's a respectable 13-second lap. Strap it up!

Thanks for the turnout, as always. Next weekend will be fun!

Results attached.
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