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Originally Posted by Traveler2 View Post
^^^That is a lot of horsepower for a Mini96. Iíd recommend getting a RWD ReadySet and running it in box stock.
the biggest problem here is the same problem I had 8 weeks ago when I got into 1/28th. There is nothing in stock anywhere that I know of. Itís why I went Atomic/AWD to begin with.. it was all I could find. Itís why I have a 7000kv motor... itís all that was in stock...

If so many people are buying these things, why is nobody here racing them?

I was able to find a 20th anniversary mr-03 evo. I would be out about $400 to get it up and running, and would be in pro stock. Iím not sure that is any better situation than Iím in...
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