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Default 2021 Seatac Opener Race Report!

All week, we were watching the forecast, anxious to see blue sky and sun on Saturday. Instead, it was an angst-y back and forth between early morning rain and daylong clouds and cool temperatures. After such a long hiatus, would we be frustrated by fickle spring weather? Well...we arrived to a damp track with standing water in places, cool temps, and cloudy skies. But, we were there, a determined contingent of veterans, plus a few new faces. We set to it: squeegeeing, blowing, and blowing some more. A huddle with Jake and Alex concluded that we would forego the spray for the day; we didn't think it would dry. So, we waited a bit more. At 11-ish, with patches of dry asphalt starting to expand, I decided a noon start was our goal. I put down the layout—Beast Mode, our deceptively long-lapped twin straight special with no sweepers.

Candidly, I was worried I wouldn't remember how to run the race program. But, right about then, a blue TC ripped across my of view—was that a mod car? On track? It was. Brett had had enough waiting. He gave it a go, and while there remained patches of damp coming on and off the back straight, he was tracking straight and true. His galvanizing show gave the rest he courage they needed, and in no time we were six on the stand getting practice on. It was a race day!

So long coming. I would like to emphasize the good feeling the day gave. It was a deep relief, and also a powerful feeling of renewal I felt to see everyone again. And, we remember how to do this! Once we got rolling, we didn't stop. A full race day was my goal, and we got it in. Three quals and a main, B mains in all touring classes, and quality racing laps.

This will be a touring car summer, I think. To cast no shade on any of our other classes, if you're on the sidelines wondering what to bring, then just go touring car. All three: 21.5 USGT, 17.5 Super Stock, and Modified are packed with talent and will deliver stout competition at your level. They are also versatile and adaptable. On a day like yesterday, with no spray—the track was otherwise immaculately clear of dust and debris—the touring cars hooked up beautifully. I did three of four runs on 32s and felt they were the best choice. Stuart, who dominated Modified with a 2 of 3 in qualifying an uncontested cruise to win the main, had his best luck with 32s. Single sets, for both of us. USGT, which is of course on spec tires, also looked great. Proof of that was Ritchie's and Crosier's nose to tail duel in the main.

Most of all—thank you for the day, the friendship, the common effort, and the return to life the day was. It was just so, so satisfying.

Our program is Phase 2 compliant, so we will be back at it in two weeks. In the meantime, build on the momentum and gather your forces. This season will be good.
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