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Wow. I think I just cooked my starter box battery. I have a hanger 9 battery and charger for it. I heard your supposed to charge them 12 hours. Lucky me mine didnt come with instructions...

Well I was figuring it was a peak charger. So it would shut off on its own. Well I let it charge about 10 hours and thought ok Im not going to let it run during the night.

So I shut it off. About 1 I restarted it the next day to watch it and complete the last 2 hours. I then got sidetracked and let it run for another 7....ouch.

I go in and im like damn that light is still on. I hope its a peak. I touched the battery and it was pretty cool.

So im just sitting there thinking hmmmm. I then go, whats that it raining outside???

Then I get close to the battery and I hear boiling and hissing. I was like damn....unplugged the charger immediatly and said. Yup not a peak charger. Ill have to get those wall timers.

But man that sucked. I hope itll be ok. I think im going to go use it to at least drain some of the extra energy.

Nothing seems to have leaked.

So im wondering. Do they make peak chargers for these types of batteries. I think its a lead-acid battery. 12V 700ah battery. Does anything like the duratrax ice handle lead acid batteries?

Heh, well off to go run this.
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