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I think the key to good turnout is having a FUN and RELAXED race program. It really starts with the race director and the regular racers. I think people get turned off with racing when the racing gets too serious and the drivers get too hardcore. You know its gone there when you get shouting matches between one driver who thinks a bad manuver by another driver cost him his chance for a podium finish. Never mind that they are only racing for race bucks or a little annodized plaque.

I'm not saying not to race competitivly, but to lighten up. You can also run a Pro or Expert class for those who are serious races with real skills (I am not one) that follow sanctioned rules regarding equipment. Everything else should be run what you brung. Our local races will allow pretty much anything to be raced as long as there are 3 cars to make up a class. Heck, at a couple of races, I wanted to run my micro so the director let me run with the rookie electric class. We see 2 to 3 heats of offroad trucks and they even put out skateboard ramps that cut off a portion of the track. That way, those who take the chance for big air get a bit of reward.

Special events or races can also bring in new racers. Parking lot racing will also help a lot. One club or person with a portable system can go around to different locations or hobby shops and set up races. Try to keep costs down. No more then $15 per entry. Half price for a second class.

Keep trying new and fun things. We had wild willies for a while, then it was old school racing where you could only race pre 2000 chassis. Oval cars come out from time to time as do 1/10 pan cars. We even had a pot luck BBQ that went great. Anything fun that promotes a good time and friendship (except alcohol) will help.
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