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It would be great if you would donate some money Performula Every little bit will help. If any body else is interrested in donating some money for a track that would be great I was alllllllll depressed because I thought there wasent going to be anywhere to run but My name is Chance Parker And My adress is 142 Lee RD 233 Phenix City Alabama 36870. I have also called every asphalt comepany within a 2 hour radius and none of them will cut me a break. Well except for one. One compeny said they will pick up the materials and lay it out for free so I am already half way there. My friend that said he would buy the land for the track also lets me cut the grass where he works and I make $50 dollars Every time I cut the grass. But I gurantee the money will go to a track I will even post pictures if we ever get enough money to build a track. I want to build a track and have a RTR class Outlaw class Novise class masters class and a Modified class for people with modified motors In gas and electric.

Thanks, Chance Parker.
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