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Default First disappointing experience

After years off-road, I decided to give on-road a try. I assembled a 3racing advance S + a Tamiya M-05 and went to local track, RCI V2 in Shanghai.
The tracks is very nice and equipped with black carpet.
I started to drive the advance with box tires (no prep) and the grip was very low, both for traction and corner.
Then I purchased new tires, Rush 32, and tried without any prep. Result was very similar, no grip, just drift. But the Rush collected everything on the track, compared to the stock tires...
After each run, I had to clean the Rush (with break cleaner) to rediscover the tire surface with zero wear, shiny as new.

In parallel, the M-05 was running like a charm with stock grooves tires (no prep) and high grip.
Back home, I read as much as I can, and discover that new tires has to be sand; remove the central flash; clean and "sauce".

Is it really the way to do on-road ? I realize now that people around me in the pit spent long time to clean and "sauce" the tires, for short time on track...
Did I miss something ?
I'm a little lost now, not sure which tires to purchase; which sauce;...
I do not want to race; not want the TC body; just some fun with GT body (and less "aero grip").

Thanks in advance for your advises and any potential "plug and play" solution to just have fun on track.
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