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When switching between brands of batteries you are comparing apples to oranges... there are way too many other variables to consider as well.

I have played the game of experimenting with almost all the budget brands out there and generally my low budget packs tend to last about 6 months before they start to degrade, either from lost capacity and/or punch, etc..

The best method I have grown to appreciate is to get into the habit of measuring the "Internal Resistance" (IR) per cell when brand new and then you will know when it's time to discard the pack after it's no longer meeting your needs.

For me, most quality 100C packs I buy tend to start around 1 mΩ and a budget brand might start around 3 mΩ ... this is the measurable "quality" which may not seem like much, but difference will be HUGE if you are racing in a stock class. Over time, ALL batteries will degrade and that's where you use your charger's built in IR meter to check the health of your cells. The budget brands tend to increase IR far more quickly where around 6 months they jump up from 3 mΩ to 8 mΩ+ and that's the point where the pack turns into "practice pack" and I order a new pack... as the practice pack continues to age closer to a year old, then I typically see the IR jump up to around 20 mΩ + and that's about the point when swelling starts to occur... then I know it's time to discard the pack completely.

A higher quality pack will tend to handle more abuse and this is the "trick" to getting optimal performance, it's not about the capacity, but rather the "peak capacity". I have grown to appreciate the Trinity White Carbon packs myself, where these packs can handle 40A charge rates and that will reduce your IR even farther! This increases your "peak capacity" so you get significantly faster acceleration than you could get from a budget brand battery than can only be charged at 10A.

Ask a local racer at your club to let you borrow one of their packs charged at 40A, run it back to back with your pack charged at 10A first... no doubt you will be buying a 40A charger and high end battery before next race day
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