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Default Are Lipo mAh ratings [email protected]$#%?

Recently I bought 4 new graphene 7500 mAh lipo batteries from hobbyking. Don't tell me I should not expect to get high performance batteries from hobbyking because consumers should get what they pay for. I noticed I could not make run time with my Serpent 977e. I charge at 10 amps and always perform a storage discharge after a race day. My warranty expired. When I decided to check the battery capacities I got less than 3000 milliamps into each of the four batteries.
This is just a vent session. After talking to other racers and shop owners they all said only buy batteries from companies "A" or company "B". It seems battery manufacturers, especially hobbyking, engage in false advertising when it comes to lipo battery capacity because they know they will not be held accountable. I've been burned . This is just a vent session.
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