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Originally Posted by sacmiata View Post
Pretty subjective but my 2 cents

Here is generally how i got started last month.

1st coming up with a general budget that you might consider spending and what size of work you might want to do and what you might want to print for (toys, functional parts, etc). Printer costs vary from a few hundred to millions of dollars and everything in between.

2nd narrow down a list of a few in that range and check out youtube and online reviews to see how they fare. There are alot of good reviews out there on all the major printers and kits.

3rd concurrent to all of this checkout thingiverse to see what is available to print as well as download a free modeling software - something like fusion 360/sketchup/etc. and try drawing. If you dont like the modeling then your likely going to hate printing unless its just files your finding online. From here you can decide what software you need to buy (if any). I am using a free version of sketchup and fusion 360. The slicer is Cura which is also free but there are software packages that do offer more features later that i might purchase.

For me i use autocad/revit occasionally at work so getting into sketchup and now fusion 360 really hasn't been a big deal. I wanted to spend no more then $300 and i wanted to print around 220mm square. My goal was to print functional parts for things like RC cars as well as a full scale kit car so i wanted to be able to print in a variety of materials. I ended up with a Creality Ender 3 Pro for around 210.
how have you like the ender pro so far? I'm looking to buy my first 3d printer.
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