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Dave 3d printing is one of those things you have to go into headfirst, you will get a billion right answers, look at 3d printer profiles, for example, one profile may make beautiful parts for someone but will result in a terrible part for another. Then if you bought a turd you'll be forced into tinkering with it which will help you understand your machine, its capability and overall you'll get a better understanding of the hobby. My workhorse is a cr-10 that thing doesn't give up in all the years I had it the only real thing I had go bad with it was the heat bed. I also have a genius Prusa, good printer but doesn't give you much tinkering ability as it is pretty much set and go. Also, have a cheap SLA printer, I thought I would use it more but haven't found many situations for using, plus not a big fan of working with the resin. Apart from that got a couple of other cheap Chinese printers, monoprice mp select mini v1(sold it), Mini Fabrikator V1 (stripped the electronics out of it and sold them and now just have the shell as a display), Panowin F1 (Basically the Kodama trinus, which was converted to experiment with food printing) and recently my latest addition was a monoprice mini delta (The deal for it was too good to pass up)
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