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Default FDM experiences

Originally Posted by over gear View Post
For someone who is new to 3D Printing...
Where should one start?
Which software / hardware / printer should one start with?

I have a Zortrax M200 FDM printer. It's not cheap but could print beautiful.
It has a own slicing software. Very easy to use. It prints with 1.75 ABS filament.
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm

Some rule of thumb according to my FDM experiences:

- Offset by holes + 0.3-0.4 mm in diameter

- Against warping you have to make permanent temprature. I covered my printer with a simple cartonbox.
For me this cheap carton solved this issue.

- Minimum wall thickness must be 1,2 mm rather 1,5 mm by the main body of a RC car for exaple.
I always had problems with parts, which had smaller.

- By functional parts for exaple suspension bars, minimum 2-3 mm rather 4-5 mm
But for sure you cuold stregth them with more infilling.
Normally 30-40 % of infill is enough.

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