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Default Provetti interview

Who hasn't actually purchased a Trinity product? Love him, or hate him, if you race RC cars, you've inadvertantly, or directly put money in Provetti's pocket. Trinity has consistently made tech breakthroughs that allow us to go faster, further, longer, or lighter. Grudgingly, I'm a ROAR member. But even our state series, which requires this membership picks and chooses to follow or amend rules to appeal to the participants! I say how can we be ROAR appoved/legal, and then choose rules to bend or break if they aren't ammended or changed by the organization in a timely fashion. The reply was that ROAR often follows the lead, or precedent that we set. Interesting......On another note, ANY amatuer or organized sport or hobby has a sanctioning body, regardless of the level of effectiveness they offer. It's a given. I send my 30 bucks off and that is usually the extent of my participation with ROAR, I'm not even sure how to help better the organization....but bitching never helps without a solution. Ernie may not have the answers, but at least he's willing to offer potential suggestions. Only my 2 cents.
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