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Originally Posted by Hasselhoff View Post
Is it for stock or mod? XR10 would be one of the strongest. Can also try lowering brake frequency, or you can add some anti dive, stiffer front springs, thicker front shock oil, shim out the top of the front shocks
not looking to flame you but is this true? If you apply brakes at 100% the transistor on versus off time is the same whether its high frequency or low frequency. Low frequency means the transistor is on much longer and off much longer. High frequency means the same just more on and off in a given period of time. The efficiency of a transistor goes down as the frequency gets higher resulting in more heat in the transistor. So if your trying to dissipate regenerated power from a motor in deceleration an inefficient transistor may be better at stopping the motor.

like I said I dont want to argue im just curious where that comes from and im open to being wrong.
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