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Originally Posted by Billy Kelly View Post
Head count is easy. Make it fun and keep the kids involved. Theme races, reversed the track unexpectantly, buddy racing (one blind folded and with controller), money pot race (all donate $5-10, fast of one special 5 lap race gets pot).
Kids. If the kids are involved, the parents will be shortly. In between heats, find kids, dads or moms from the spectators to run a few beaters we all have in the garage. I have seen a club ask a spectator to team with a racer. If the racer wins they get a prize. I have even seen a club build a float for a holiday parade, drive a variety of cool, good looking cars and trucks as they proceed down the parade route. There are lots of ideas floating around.
I hope any of these might help.

If getting head count was this easy. Tracks wouldn’t be closed.
All good ideas Billy. The issue is getting the doors open initially. The thought of ownership is scary for most members. I'm not going to stop trying. I would prefer not to go it alone.
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