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Originally Posted by sivert23 View Post
Ah i see, thank you, i've seen quite a few of those kits, but most of them seem to be racing grade and really expensive. Thought i'd start with something a bit cheaper
if youíre looking for something a little bit cheaper, Losi seems to be the only one offering a nitro powered vehicle that is RTR or Ready To Run. The RTR vehicles come already assembled with a nitro engine, radio, and servos. There used to be a lot more choices as far as brands and vehicles that are nitro powered. With the introduction of lipo batteries and brushless motors electric is now the go to power source and far more popular. Nitro is basically around for the racers and hard core enthusiasts who enjoy the nitro engine aspect of it. Thatís why as far as nitro goes, you mostly only see the more expensive kits centered around racing. If youíre going to get into nitro it really is worth it to get good equipment from the start. Losi is a good brand and their RTR 8ight vehicles are a good place to start.
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